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Photographs by Wendy Mukluk
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Poland - 1991

[PICTURE-beech tree]
The Beech Tree

silver print
(45k jpeg)

hand colored selenium toned silver print
(36k jpeg)
[PICTURE-High Tatras]
High Tatras

hand colored selenium toned silver print
(34k jpeg)
[PICTURE-Cathedral, Gniezno]
Cathedral, Gniezno

silver print
(30k jpeg)
[PICTURE-cathedral interior]
Cathedral Interior, Gniezno

silver print
(26k jpeg)

Boundary Conditions -1990
ideas and people in physics
....still under construction... but here is a page of physics and astronomy related art

[PICTURE-infrared rainbow]
Infrared Rainbow

(50k jpeg)

Best of All Possible Worlds - 1984
this is the best of all possible worlds
(this show started out with "the real": straightforward black and white photographs, and progressed around the walls to "the unreal": heavily manipulated alternative process images.)

The Little Pumpkin Is Optimistic
In His View of the Universe

silver print
(30k jpeg)

silver print
(20k jpeg)
City Angel

silver print
(28k jpeg)
[PICTURE-parking meter]
The Happy Little
Parking Meter

(29k jpeg)
[PICTURE-earth's raspy tongue]
The Earth's
Raspy Tongue

Van Dyke brownprint
(29k jpeg)
[PICTURE-industrial landscape]
untitled (industrial landscape)

Van Dyke brownprint and colored pencil
(28k jpeg)
[PICTURE-shoes at cocktail party]
untitled (shoes at cocktail party)

gum bichromate with vacuum plated mica and colored pencil
(42k jpeg)

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