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Photographs by Wendy Mukluk
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Plane Waves in Empty Space - 1993
inside everyday physics and astronomy reveries

[PICTURE-pine bluff]
Pine Bluff

(30k jpeg)
[PICTURE-man ray]
More Man Ray

(15k jpeg)
[PICTURE-radio transmitter]
When He Realized

(39k jpeg)
Zero degree beamline

(14k jpeg)
[PICTURE-magnetic mirror]
Magnetic Mirror

blueprint (39k jpeg)

from Women in Physics series:
Special thanks to Elizabeth and Morag

[PICTURE-nail polish]
Not an Excessive Amount of Nail Polish

(44k jpeg)
[PICTURE-switching magnet]
Switching Magnet

(59k jpeg)
The Patchboard

(32k jpeg)
Control Room Doilies

(25k jpeg)

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