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a couple of unfinished pages: color separations and infrared film

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Some Examples
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all photographs copyright © wendy mukluk
3-Dimensional pictures - instructions
[PICTURE - 3D print] a 3D offset lithograph
Blueprints or Cyanotypes - instructions blueprint house blueprint
from a halftone negative, with resulting moire pattern from being screened again in scanner
(20k jpeg)
Fake Daugerreotypes - instructions [moonstar]fake daugerreotype
(116k jpeg)
Gum Bichromates - instructions gum print house gum bichromate,
on graph paper, vacuum plated mica for pigment
(20k jpeg)
Manipulating Color: Hand Coloring and Other Ways to Add or Change Colors - instructions [gdynia]hand colored sepia toned photo, from black and white infrared copy of original color slide
(83k jpeg)
High Contrast - instructions [Reggie]high contrast
positive & negative
sandwiched together
(174k jpeg)
Oatmeal Box Cameras/Pinhole Cameras - instructions from window oatmeal box pinhole photograph
(70k gif)
Photograms - instructions [wrench] photogram
(23k jpeg)
Photographic Recipes
notes & formulas

Reticulation - instructions reticulatedreticulation
(125k jpeg)
Solarizations and Fake Solarizations - instructions [house] fake solarization
(69k jpeg)
Van Dyke Brownprints - instructions [shoes] Van Dyke brownprint
(24k jpeg)

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all images copyright © wendy mukluk

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