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* Note (june 11, 2021) - some of these are flash albums that you can't see without a flash player, which has been discontinued... so i am recoding these so you can actually see them. in the meantime, the albums that are still flash will have FLASH in their titles. check back in a month or two and maybe i'll have them recoded and visible and non-flash for all to enjoy :-).


FLASH Items for Our Glorious Future

Items, Decor and Drag

Alternative Photography

A photography portfolio
The old photography page

FLASH San Diego and El Centro

FLASH B101 - an archaeological exploration; with ghosts

FLASH Drawers in B101

FLASH The Tandem Accelerator Vault; 3am

FLASH Cocktail party at Tim's

FLASH Shopping with Mary Lou

FLASH 1979 Castro Street Fair

FLASH My birthday party, 1978

FLASH A dinner at Dennis and Buzzy's

One Night on Castro Street

FLASH Stylized fashion shoot

Door County, Wisconsin

New Orleans 2006

New Orleans 2007

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