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* Note - some of these are flash albums that you can't see without a flash player, which has been discontinued... so i am recoding these so you can actually see them. in the meantime, the albums that are still flash will have FLASH in their titles. check back later and maybe i'll have them recoded and visible and non-flash for all to enjoy :-).


FLASH Items for Our Glorious Future

Items, Decor and Drag

Alternative Photography

A photography portfolio
The old photography page

FLASH San Diego and El Centro

FLASH B101 - an archaeological exploration; with ghosts

FLASH Drawers in B101

FLASH The Tandem Accelerator Vault; 3am

FLASH Cocktail party at Tim's

FLASH Shopping with Mary Lou

FLASH 1979 Castro Street Fair

FLASH My birthday party, 1978

FLASH A dinner at Dennis and Buzzy's

One Night on Castro Street

FLASH Stylized fashion shoot

Door County, Wisconsin

New Orleans 2006

New Orleans 2007

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