Everything is alive. The world is full of magic and wonders. There are things going on all the time that we don't know about. One role of the artist is akin to that of a shaman; bringing things from other realms for the benefit of all; acting as a conduit to the unconscious world, to racial memory, to a psychic pool shared by all sentient beings.

Artist's Statement for my 1984 "Best of All Possible Worlds" show, which is fairly pertinent to all my work:

Best of All Possible Worlds

Wendy Mukluk

This is the best of all possible worlds.
I am inspired by these proofs:
  1. The elemental forces of nature
  2. The play of light on white porcelain
  3. Tile
  4. Mirrors
  5. Evidence of animation in inanimate objects.

Words I live by:
I am a camera
Nature abhors a vacuum
Life is but a dream
The idle mind is the Devil's playground
Ours is the best of all possible worlds

I had about 30 pictures in a space usually used to display about 12, which perturbed the gallery people, and they made me include an "explanation" for the presumably equally perturbed viewing public, which was inserted as the middle paragraph in my statement above:

This exhibition is a big scrapbook. Skim through it and linger over a picture here and there. Photography differs from other media, such as painting or sculpture, in that one can produce thousands of images in a short time. Photography is the perfect tool for me to record as much as I can of the magic in the world. I work on many pieces at once and I like to see a lot of things around me. My art is part of me and this show is an extension of myself.

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