October 26, 2010. My beautiful kitty and dear friend Violet died last night.

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June 21, 2001 - October 25, 2010

Violet pictures page - (10-29-10 -please let me know if there are still problems with pictures displaying - ekelana (at) gmail.com thanks.)
and here is a a psychedelic flash loop i made of violet several years ago. i haven't made any more flash movies since then.

here is an email my sister Alice sent out Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM that I think is really good, and sweet, and described things well:

Violet was euthanized last night. W. called me about 8 pm and asked to take her to the emergency hospital for pets. As soon as we arrived, they did an emergency triage and took Violet to give her oxygen. Then the vet came out and gave W. a treatment plan. The vet wanted W. to have Violet stay overnight in an oxygen "tent", one of those things you put babies in, I can't remember the name. Then she was going to give her medication to clear up her lungs and pain medication. It was a very difficult decision because Violet was obviously very sick and it didn't seem to me that she was going to get better, so spending $500 to $600 . . . So W. said give her the meds. to make her more comfortable and she would take Violet home. Violet had an appt. with her own vet the next morning at 8 am. So you can imagine the logistics if Violet stayed overnight in the hospital (way out on 1612 N. High Point Rd.) and W. had to go get her and get back to her own vet in her own neighborhood. As we were waiting, the vet came in and said Violet was dying. She had already been given the lung clearing medication and pain medication but was obviously miserable, trying to retch and drooling from the meds. So W. asked that she be euthanized now. W. held Violet on her lap and the vet came in and put the OD in the little catheter that was in Violet's leg. It was really sad because Violet was yowling and drooling and retching from the lung medication but she died quick.

So we drove the endless drive home with Violet in the kitty carrier. It seemed to take forever. Then W. had Ida and Jane come and see Violet and sniff her so that they wouldn't look around for her the next day. W. found a pretty piece of cloth to wrap Violet in and then we went out into her garden after 10 pm on this windy night and by flashlight dug a hole for Violet's grave. Both of us with bad backs, W. in flipflops and me with slip on shoes, taking turns holding the flashlight and digging this hole out in the garden. I thought it was fitting that it was 6 days before Halloween and that it was windy and dark and whatever light there was probably reflected off our white hair! Some plant we were digging by gave off this wonderful fresh lemony scent that made it really pleasant. The hole was pretty shallow and Violet was all floppy in her cloth but W. curled her up in the hole and we covered her up.

When I left the vet's office I was so distracted I turned into the stone wall that I was parked next to and may have knocked over a couple of the stones. I see I really gouged up my front bumper. Thank goodness it is a tough old hoopty. It was just a very strange and sad two and half hours with the emergency rush for Violet and then it all ending so suddenly. As W. said though, Violet has been sick a long time so she was somewhat prepared.

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