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[PICTURE-Reggie at Hooker's Ball]
at the Hookers Ball,
one of my favorite pictures
(28k jpeg)
Reggie with peacock feathers
Reggie (Squiggle Background)

hand pulled photo offset lithograph
(69k jpeg)
[PICTURE-Reggie in back yard]
in our back yard on Montcalm St.

1978 ( 46k jpeg)
[PICTURE - Tommy and Reggie]
Tommy and Reggie

at Dennis and Buzzy's house
Thanksgiving morning 1977,
looking at slides in little viewer
[PICTURE - Our 1974 Christmas card]
Our 1974 Christmas card
50k jpeg
1)Nita, Sara, Moonstar, Polka Dot Deluxe, Chip, Jon, Bast, Billy,
2)Iver, Ms Noody, Grasshopper, Randy, Sweetmeat, Marce,
3)Reggie, Snappy, Goofy, Wendy,
in the living room at Market St.
(Ethel was hiding)
[PICTURE - backyard]
Reggie and Justin

in the back yard,
Billy leaning out window, 1978

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