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[PICTURE - Reggie]
in his room on Montcalm St

[PICTURE - Reggie]
Reggie and Iver

(blurry scan from contact)
[PICTURE - Reggie]
at dinner party at Teena's

[PICTURE - Reggie]
at Golden Gate Park

[PICTURE - Reggie]
At Halloween dinner,

in coat Billy made, Montcalm st 1976
[PICTURE - Reggie]
in Iver's suit
[PICTURE - reggie and moonstar]
Reggie and Moonstar
, picnic on Mt Tamalpias
[PICTURE - Reggie]
Reggie and Wendy

in boy's room at Hooker's Ball, 1977
[PICTURE - Reggie]
spring 1978

(during an afternoon of
us raging w/ drag and makeup)
[PICTURE - Reggie]
in front of the Stud
[PICTURE - wendy, reggie, grasshopper]
Wendy, Reggie and Grasshopper

on 17th Street
photo © David Hartman 1973
[PICTURE-wendy, reggie]
Wendy and Reggie

in front of the Market Street house
before going to the Hare Krishna festival
(i don't remember who took this picture)

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