Titan Arum

July - August 2002

at University of Wisconsin-Madison Botany Department

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Latin Name: Amorphophallus titanum; Other names: Titan Arum, Corpse flower, Bunga Bangkai
Native habitat: equatorial rainforests of central Sumatra in Indonesia
Known bloomings in the U.S.: less than 17

Last year they pollinated the flower, and it closed and wilted quickly, and this year they aren't going to do anything. Just let the flies pollinate it. So the flower might last longer (maybe). When I was there this morning [7-31-02] it just smelled faintly of rotten fish, and just a few flies were buzzing around. And little shafts of sunlight illuminated the edges of the spathe so it had a translucent pink glow....

My Titan Arum pictures (color and b/w infrared):

a titan arum slide show

There is a web cam archive. I don't know what they include or how long it's there, but there are some awful shots of me in aqua shirt and skirt, white pony tail, gawking and taking pictures or you just see the back of my head, at
here are my copies:

And in the Pickle Weekly shirt: (looking quite lumpy & frowsy & puffy, but oh well)
images 73183.jpg through 731824.jpg, except for 731813, I was behind the plant, I think.
here are my copies:

I had my Pickle shirt on for Jaimie Pickle, a very funny writer in Alabama who has a weekly mailing list. If you want to check it out, her main page is
and the one I'm in is

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Encourage Indonesia to Protect the Titan Arum's Habitat:
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