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  [PICTURE - bug]

[PICTURE - bug]

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[PICTURE - bug]
  [PICTURE - bug]

[PICTURE - bug]

    [PICTURE - space centipede]

a space centipede speaks:

I am a million miles long

I am made of croquet balls
and old chemistry model sets

I am from a drug induced hallucination

I require an elfin grot,
charmed magic casements,
and non- threatening nightingales

I am a camera

I walk in beauty


[PICTURE -lp tank] Best of All Possible Worlds

[PICTURE - dining room] Domestic Recipes,

[PICTURE - 3d-bug] Hodgepodge
miscellany & links,

[PICTURE - flower] Memorial to Dead Friends
(lots of pictures; slow to load),

[PICTURE - gum print of

house] Oatmeal Box Cameras and
other alternative photography,

[PICTURE - if we had a

twin planet to look at] Prints
lithographs, etc.


  [PICTURE - email babe]



I'd rather marry a duck billed platypus
than end up like old Oedipus
--Tom Lehrer

"You feel so much more fabulous when you're in drag"
-- Lady Bunny

"Drugs will get you through times of no money better than
money will get you through times of no drugs"
-- Fabulous Furry Freaks Brothers

Step on the log, not over the log
-- woods lore

I don't care what's down below,
let it rain, let it snow,
I'll be up on a rainbow,
sweeping the clouds away
-- Sam Coslow - song from "Betty Boop in Mothergooseland"
also sung by Maurice Chevalier in "Paramount on Parade"

"Keep your stick on the ice"
-- Red Green


[PICTURE - moon1]

     walk in beauty

                                   everything is everything

[PICTURE - moon2]

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