Save Wildlife
Cut Those Plastic Rings

Plastic rings on milk bottle tops, six-packs, and other containers end up in landfill, rivers, lakes, the ocean. They can get wrapped around fish and birds and eventually kill them. Cut the rings before you throw them away, or avoid buying articles with plastic rings in the first place.

Beyond that, if you are concerned about having clean water, clean air, food and resources not only for now but for our grandchildrens' grandchildren, help save the environment by picking up the trash in the area whenever you go fishing, picnicking, camping, and so on, and recycling or disposing of trash properly; walking or bicycling instead of driving; turning down your thermostat in winter, up in summer; reducing the use of pesticides and antibiotics; having fewer or no children; finding out where things are from and where they go -- what they are made of, how grown or manufacturing processes, what happens to things after you flush the toilet or throw out the trash; working to save wilderness areas, rainforests, the oceans, endangered species; reading the labels and using the least toxic household products, paints, solvents, etc. you can find; writing to your congressperson in support of environmental issues; joining environmental organizations; supporting environmentally-friendly businesses and organizations; becoming an environmental activist.... There is information on all these things and much more on the web and at your local library.

Every little bit helps.

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