Rose Petal Beads

- Use fresh rose petals collected in the morning.
- Chop fine.
- Cover with water in a pan and simmer
several hours until petals are pulp;
add water if it dries out.
- When pulp adheres together when pressed between fingers,
stop cooking and roll into beads.
- Pierce beads with large pin or small nail.
- String on heavy thread to dry.
- Let dry in warm dry place for about a week,
turning occasionally.
- Store rose petal beads in a box or jar
when not wearing them,
to preserve the fragrance.


- Use dry rose petals, ground to a powder.
Some recipes advise adding a binder,
such as corn starch, flour, or cosmetic clay;
up to 1 part binder to 1 part dry rose petals.
Add some rose oil if desired.
Add enough water to make a workable dough
and shape the beads, pierce, and dry as above.

- Cooking petals in a rusty pan
or adding rusty nails while cooking makes beads black.

- For a dull luster, put a trace of vaseline on soft cloth
and run beads through it several times.

- Add orange peel to the pan when cooking the petals.

- Roll beads in ground spices such as
cinnamon or cloves before drying.

- Press in designs with cloves or pins while forming beads .

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Someone asked me if I knew the connection
between rose petal beads and rosaries.
I didn't, but later I heard that rosaries
were once made of 165 rose petal beads.

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