Pumpkin Soup

 - all measurements (very) approximate -

Cut a small or medium pumpkin or other winter squash
       (hubbard, butternut, buttercup) in half.  

Remove seeds and strings.  

Peel off outer skin. 

This can be done with a raw pumpkin or baked; 
     baked is easier to cut up.

Cut into one inch cubes or smaller

Add one chopped onion

Simmer with enough water to cover until tender
    (just a few minutes if already baked)

Mash or put through food mill
(if desired, chopped onion could be added after mashing, for crunch)

Add a tablespoon or two of butter
    a dash of nutmeg, 
    salt and pepper to taste,

Add chicken broth or boullion cubes if desired 
         (roughly one cube per cup)

Simmer a bit longer to cook onions or melt boullion cubes 

Add milk or cream, about 1 cup per two cups of soup, and
     heat for a few minutes.  when milk is hot, serve


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