Monster Potstickers

based on your ordinary everyday potstickers;
sort of like Asian pasties

- all measurements approximate -

filling mix together:
- 1 pound ground beef
- 1 piece of fresh ginger root, grated or chopped fine
      (about a thumb sized piece; ~2or 3 inches long, ~1/2 inch wide)
- 1 zucchini or cucumber, grated or chopped fine
- 1 onion grated or chopped
- several dashes of soy sauce -- mushroom soy sauce is good

dough mix together:
- 4 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
      (white flour will do, but whole wheat is better)
- about 1 teaspoon salt
- about 1 cup water
      or enough water to make a thick dough

preparation - mix flour and water, and knead to form dough;
- divide dough into eight parts and form into rough balls
- roll each ball out on floured board to about 1/8 inch thick circles
- spoon about 1/8 of the filling onto half of each rolled out circle
- fold dough in half over filling and crimp edges together;
     forming crescent shapes

cook - put a tiny amount of oil into a 10 or 12 - inch frying pan,
      just enough to cover the bottom
- place the crescents into the pan crimped edges up -- make them fit!
- fry for a few minutes, until lightly browned
- standing back to avoid steam, pour in
  1 cup water
- cover pan, turn down heat and let simmer slowly for about 1 hour.
- serve with vinegar, hot Chinese mustard, green Japanese horseradish,
  sweet and sour sauce, or whatever condiments you like.
- two of these are usually enough for one person.

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last update May 15, 1999